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Ghost Girl Valentine

I have a new analysis! Actually it is my own thoughts and ideas, about the "Paranormal Lockdown's" episode of, your favorite haunted house and mine, the famous "Hinsdale House!" Anyone who loves the paranormal, is quite aware of the history behind the HH. I believe that there is just so much more history behind this house than we will ever know? The owner bought the house just before demolition to preserve it, and allow paranormal investigators to study and research this place. Many do, only to find out something different each time they go into the house or step onto the land. I believe if memory serves me, the owner keeps a book of reference there just so the researchers can document these findings. I follow the different investigators just to get their perspectives on the HH, but since fiinding out that I am a sensitive, I have my own perspective on the house as well.

Nick enters closet just behind Katrina...Beam of light directed at Katrina!

You see, "I see Dead people!" If anybody remembers the movie made back in the 90's, "The Sixth Sense," you could say, I am sort of like the little boy character in the film, in that he saw "dead people" everywhere he went which led to him seeing a child psychologist who ultimately ended up being a ghost and so on and so forth...Well, I see ghosts everywhere also. I see them in all shapes, sizes, and forms. I see them as small circular orbs and in the many different stages of them materializing into full bodied aparitions. I never would have believed there are so many ghosts if I didnt see them myself. I see them in trees, hiding out in cognito or camalflauged even. I see them in cartoon like characters where they imprint themselves onto the walls, the floors, like I said just about everywhere!

Katrina feels static, hence the floating heart!

I have an unusual gift though where they will show me things like small flashbacks or scenes in a play or movie. It is like a puzzle only I have to put the pieces together. To me the HH is like a huge puzzle where all of the Paranormal Investigators work dilligently to put it all together. I have found that usually with every episode or investigation that I view, I find something new and exciting about ghosts! It could be all of the many ghosts that reside there? Each time I visit, I find something or someone interestingly odd and scarey too! You are probably wondering why I said "visit" when in fact, I've never been to the Hinsdale House and have never stepped foot on the land. But because I am gifted, in that I am able to see ghosts, or dead people, I can see them on video too. It is almost as good as being there for me except for when the camera man annoys me because he or she won't keep the camera still long enough for me to grab a screenshot or study what I see that I'm certain they dont see. Oneday, I would love to actually see this HH in person! Who knows even I may get an invitation to visit there someday?

Nick gets attacked!

OK now getting back to my story, history tells us that not only is the house haunted, but that the land is as well. Anything from a man murdering his own brother, a boy dieing in a buzz-saw accident and a woman hanging by a tree, you will hear something about the happenings at the Hinsdale House. There has even been an exorcist performed there back in the 70's to rid the place of some unknown evil entities. So that being said, I watched the "Nick and Katrina" episode or investigative show, of them locked down there at the Hinsdale house for 72 hours. The show is called Paranormal Lockdown. Their analysis of the house is centered around there being a "non-human spirit" there, and Nick's getting physically attacked, stabbed in the hand, by unknown forces. Also, they were concerned of a demonic attachment following them home. The show also emphasized Nick's being warned about the HH when at his home, woken up in the early 0300 am hour having nightmares and seeing a woman warning him about the house, and of the HH owner hearing a spirit voice of a woman asking "where's Nick?" I have viewed so many videos on this house and I have seen many ghosts there. I can't say that I have seen any Demonic entities though. But then you may ask what does she know?

Transformation taking place...see the Valentine?

I know that there is a man that resides there who I see in every segment shown and he yields a knife in hand. I have even submitted a pic of