Cats Really Do Have Nine Lives!

I really enjoy watching some of the popular paranormal shows especially the ones about the very creepy “Sallie House!” However, as much as I have heard about the “ghost cat” that resides there, nobody has ever produced it? I can remember watching a segment of the GAC on location at the Sallie House, and Zac was narrating, explaining about the history of the home, and there she was! The Sallie House cat materializing right in front of me! I wondered...if I could see it, could anybody else see it? Because I am so sensitive, I think about that a lot. Zac, the host of the show, had no idea the cat was literally materializing, on him, and on live tv! I managed to get many pics of the Sallie cat and Zac on that day and even posted one on Twitter. Now it is posted on YouTube which I think is great, that someone noticed how extraordinary this pic really is!

This brings me to another time when Tim Woods, host of Livescifi, was on location there. He was speaking to his audience about the upcoming show or events, when there she was again materializing into thin air! Tim had just stated too that he had been bitten on his lower leg by the cat! This was great, unbelievable really! If you weren't a believer in the paranormal now, after seeing a cat materialize out of thin air, I don't know what would persuade a skeptic or a non believer? I really don't understand why I can see ghosts at this time in my life? It is both exciting and scarey! It seems, I see them everywhere, and now I am trying to learn how to turn them off! I don't know what I am going to do with this "paranormal gift," but I would love to do something worthwhile like maybe solve old cold cases, of lost and exploited children, or even murdered victims! Because I wasn't sure what my limits were and exactly what I could do, I went online and viewed old cold cases. The very first one I looked at I got a hit! I figured that if I could see dead people, I could possibly help solve cold cases. I have learned that when a person passes, especially a traumatic passing, they leave an imprint much like a person leaves a fingerprint. Since coming to this realization, I’ve developed theories on two cold cases! I have reached out to everyone I could possibly think of with no results. I won't name them but believe me, there is a very long paper trail. That is why I started my blog and Twitter account, to get my platform up and running. I really want to thank my followers because this is all so new to me. I am still learning. Now, I am going to introduce to you the infamous “Sallie Cat!” I will post references for you to go back and review the footage. A picture is only a reflection of something that you can see. If you don't see it, well then you can’t take a picture of it. But, if you do see it, you can take a picture! This is the only way I can explain this phenomenon. Oh and remember, Cats do have nine lives!