Through the Eyes of a Sensitive

I want to reach out and thank all of my followers on my new blog post, about my experience with the paranormal. Also, I think it is time to expose the one and only "Sallie," whom resides at the infamous Sallie House! But first, I need to explain how my being sensitive all came to play. One day, a day no different than before, I tuned into one of the popular ghost investigation shows. On this particular show, it seemed different! I could see different shapes, some cloud like, some solid in form, others just simple outlines of people and dark shadow figures in the actual live stream video. I saw white birdlike shapes flying around this room where the investigators had set up a live stream camera. These birdlike images were cone shaped and they were flying or shall I say speeding by like a kamikaze pilot on his last mission! These things were literally flying haphazardly around the room and only to dive straight into the floor or into the walls and disappear into thin air. Now I have seen an orb before, but this was more like a shower of them bouncing off of the walls and falling from the ceiling. It reminded me of a fireworks show on the fourth of July! That's how many there were. I realize that these birdlike images and orbs are nothing more then ghosts in one of their many shapes or forms they take prior to materializing in a full apparition. I like to think of them as a shape...shifting? Ghosts, I've learned can be sneaky and they will hide just about anywhere. When I learned that I was sensitive, a person who uses more than five senses, I was excited and scared! I wasn't sure what people would think? Would anyone even believe me? Would they think I've gone mad! These are just a few insecurities I had. Although I have had some time to adjust, to this phenomenon, I still find myself afraid especially between the hours of three and six in the morning! Hmm, I haven't gotten much sleep lately? I still have many questions too. Like, how do I turn this stuff off! And, do ghosts sleep? Do they eat like we do? In the small time that I have become sensitive, I have learned so much about ghosts. Being sensitive is like seeing everything in three dimensions. If you have ever looked through a view master, a popular toy in the 70's, or if you have ever pumped your own gas, when the fumes escape from the pump, that fuzzy hazy look, that you see, that is how it is. Also, one last note. I'm learning everyday about ghosts and there is so much I want to share. But, I do have my morals about angels and demons! To any skeptics out there, it's all real! Yes, there are angels and there are demons. Believe me, I've seen them! Now about the photograph, meet Sallie! She resides at the infamous "Sallie House." She's quite famous herself. She has her doll in hand...or is that a doll!