"Little Gracie Watson"

I found myself missing my hometown today, and just a little bit nostalgic, so I decided to write about a few favorite topics of mine, Gracie Watson and Savannah, Ga! I may sound just a little prejudiced here but I think Savannah is probably one of the most beautiful places on earth! It is also known too for being "one of the most haunted cities in America!" Savannah has its fair share of cemeteries and Bonaventure seems to be a favorite among tourists. A main attraction there would be "little Gracie." She is a life sized marbled statue sculpted in 1890 by John Walz. In 1889, Gracie was 6 years old when she passed from Pneumonia. Gracie's parents had managed the Pulaski house, a luxurious hotel at the time, and Gracie was a favorite of all of the guests! The statue sits in Bonaventure cemetery surrounded and locked by a wrought iron gate...probably to keep the vandals away. She is a favorite of the tourists and some say they can hear her laughing and crying at times. Also, people leave her gifts when they visit and you will always see toys at her grave when you visit. About the picture, I was viewing a video of Bonaventure and the statues there, and I saw her! I was able to capture a real photograph of little Gracie Watson! As exciting as it is to probably be the only person to have photographed a full body ghost of Gracie, It is so creepy too! Do you see how she is dangling in the air just above her resting spot?