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I am so thrilled to see that someone finally sees that i am the real deal, that I can indeed see ghosts! I was viewing YouTube yesterday when I saw my pic, a screenshot, that I have circulated around about the ghost cat who resides at the infamous SALLIE HOUSE! As you can see, in this pic, the actual ghost investigator giving an introduction about the impending show, is unaware the paranormal activity is taking place. I was able to capture this because I can see the actual cat in the video. It doesn't matter what video or any investigation on the Sallie House out there, and there are many, hundreds, I have taken numerous pics and can actually show this cat literally appear out of thin air! I kid you not! If you would like to see this footage that I captured just follow my blog. I'll be posting my video clips on my new YouTube channel soon! I'll show you what you missed... Any skeptics out there? #PennyPrenom