Is that a Child Peering Through the Wall?

"Child peering through wall!"

I really had no desire to walk through this one, the infamous "Villisca Ax Murder house!" The history of this house will chill you from your head to your toes. There were eight murders in this home and six of those murdered were children! It is noted that ghost investigators feel very depressed here and while you may sense a child in the room, and even capture an Electronic Voice phenomenon, I have never seen a child ghost captured on film here. It is hard to believe I was able to capture this child spirit! I watched patiently while the investigator moved his camera carefully along each wall of the upstairs attic, then I saw it! This glowing ball of light. It was beautiful! The very first child picture I had ever seen here, and I got it! Although I was happy about the picture, I soon became sad and depressed, but even so, there is still something so hauntingly beautiful happening here! Don't you agree?

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